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Yippy at the Dreiburgensee

Here we are at home: right on the lake in the market town of Tittling, on the edge of the district, Rothau, in the capitol Dreiburgenland. Halfway between the Bavarian national Forrest Park and the three river town of Passau.
A perfect base for just about any holiday-favorite activity... sporty, relaxed, active, for shopping, strolling or wellness. A bit of sight seeing, art and co, a little boating, fishing and golfing. Visiting music events, going dancing, and attending the museum. Hiking, swimming, horseback riding, climbing, and cycling. Carousel ride at the fair, pause for a snack, boat-rides on the Donau, paddle-boat on the Dreiburgensee, para-gliding above, or just everything at the same time.